Are Your Ready for Some Sourdough? Superbowl Sunday is Here

We gotta get ready, we gotta get right – It’s gonna be a battle in the bakery tonight… okay! Enough of that. In case you need a reminder, here is the reference. You’re welcome. (I can’t believe I even remembered that – the valuable real estate some of this junk takes up, you have to wonder about.) 

Anyway, is there anything more American than the Superbowl? I don’t mean the actually football game. I mean the cultural concept of what the Superbowl has become. Even if you have taken a pledge of football abstinence, odds are good that you’ll at least lay eyes upon some kind of hero, hoagie, pizza, pile o’wings, or dip this weekend. Turns out, Superbowl Sunday is the second most food-a-rific day in our fair country, topped only by Thanksgiving. 

Also, here’s a fun fact: purchase and consumption of antacids the Monday following the Super B skyrockets. There is no mystery in this.

The point here is that, if you’re going to whoop it up for a bunch of dudes who make more money in one season tossing around a pigskin than many of us will make over the course of decades, then why not round it out with some sourdough? 

The neuvo classic “blooming” cheese bread is a good place to start. Haven’t tried this recipe, but it looks delish:
Or, this one from the Pioneer Woman from Food Network, with a video illustrating the recipe:

Want more of a classic sandwich to make an appearance? This article from the Kitchn is a pretty great tutorial on how to make a sandwich for a crowd.

BTW, our nephew Nathan used to call sandwiches sNandwiches, which is a way better word. Let’s start a movement. Snandwich from here on out! To go with your snandwich, we will have a souperbowl special soup: Loaded baked potato topped with bacon, cheddar, and green onions.  

It’s also the Milan “Let’s Chill” festival this weekend. All kinds of fun and exciting things are happening. Here’s the schedule.

Most of the events are downtown, so you can always stop by the shop on the way to or fro, warm up in the toasty residual oven heat, grab a beverage, and take a breath before heading back out in the hectic world. 

Thank You,
– Stephanie and Jeremiah