Celebrate the New Year with a New Loaf!

Who’s Up for Some Hoppin’ John and Bread for Prosperity?

We will be open Saturday, Dec. 31 for our usual hours. We open at 10 a.m. and will close at 6 p.m. unless we sell out earlier. New Years brings a close to the holiday season for many as well as the year for most. And of course, with the chronological end comes the symbolic end — and beginning. A clean slate. A fresh, unsullied year just waiting for the day-by-day unveiling as time marches on.

Some of our favorite traditions and folklores, of course, revolve around food and ushering in the new year. For example:

  • Fill your cabinets with food to ensure they will be flush with food all the year through.
  • To gain wealth in the new year, eat cabbage or sauerkraut. Cabbage, and it’s green tint, is said to represent paper money. In fact, all greens are representative of money.
  • Hoppin John brings the greens as well as the wealth of black eyed peas. We’ll hook you up with some of this as our soup/stew Saturday – we have vegan style, so the prosperity will not just be for the meat-eaters in the crowd.
  • A loaf of bread on the table, especially a round loaf, is supposed to usher in good luck and to keep your family from knowing hunger throughout the year. Say, we just happen to have a bunch of bread for you.

What are your favorite traditions?

Swing by for some good luck and prosperity!

-Stephanie and Jeremiah