It’s Our Fourth Milan-niversary!

Yep, we’re celebrating our fourth year right here in our small town of Milan! Crazy right? That’s all thanks to you guys — our wonderful carb-appreciating customers! 

Picture it, Milan 2014…
On Christmas that year, between gifts and food stuffs and family gatherings, we maxed out our Home Depot credit card on commercial plank floors, light fixtures, giant fluorescent bulbs (before our silicon-coated ones could be made) and other miscellany to help try to get this beast up on four legs. 

On Christmas night, we came down to finish sealing the floors and to install the vinyl planks that were touted as “easiest ever!” which, spoiler, were not (I thought we were friends, flooring box text?! How could you tell us such lies?). It was sitting on that cold as deep-glacier ice concrete floor that it hit me what we were getting set up to do.

Over the course of the next six weeks, we moved our birch tree furniture in. We sewed curtains and added layer upon layer of paint. We fixed up the oven and ordered custom baking stones to fit *just* right. And we put every last drop of energy into to getting it ready to go. And, finally, it was! We officially opened our doors in Feb. 2015, welcoming our customers, new and old, into our new home. 

Since we’ve opened these doors, we’ve:

  • Sold about 81,000 loaves of bread, bowls of soup and sweet treats. 
    • Of those, about 5,000 were soups, about 6,800 oat bars and many, many loaves of bread.
    • Of the bread flavors, our weekly specials have been the most popular, with bialy and focaccia next, and then a close competition between salt-crusted rye, multigrain and levain, respectively. 
  • Seen children go from babies to toddlers to school-aged. 
  • Lost 7,922 hours of sleep (just kidding – the actual number is muchhigher)
  • Gone through five vehicles. 
  • Sent 244 Loaf emails. 
  • Traveled to five foreign lands to learn more about their breads. 
  • Cut, sized and (sometimes) sewn more than 32 yards of unbleached linen to make our own bread proofing couches. 
  • Gone through 8 oven thermostats and one melted electrical main.
  • Met a million awesome people and 7 not-awesome people. 
  • Dreamt about what we could turn our little corner of the world into countless times! 

As a celebratory move, we’re doing a few special things this week, including turnovers to help us mark the “turning over” of a new bakery year! We’ll also have our 100% rye bread in order to keep it a-hundred, a plantain loaf loaded up with creamy coconut milk (or as Jeremiah calls: ‘the bread I love that no one else effing likes’ – which is just not true), and a roasted eggplant soup. See below for more details! 

Thank You for Your Love and Support, 
– Stephanie and Jeremiah