Mothers are Awesome


We’ve got a couple special moms around here, in fact. You might have noticed it’s even in our name.

Since we relate everything to bread at the Loaf, we think it’s especially poignant to create a mom-bread metaphor to show our regard. It’s an easy one to draw, really. Think about it. Moms are always comforting, at times sweet, maybe a little salty, sometimes a little sharp and sour — and made stronger and more nuanced in the proofing. Ultimately, the stages of development make not only delicious bread/moms, but also help us (the consumers/kids) understand and appreciate the complexity of flavors.

Do you remember when you first learned your mom had an actual name, outside of “mom”? Like really understood she was a person beyond her mom designation? While you ponder that, think about what she would like this Mother’s Day. We’re leaning toward some special treat, but we wouldn’t want to peer-pressure you and be forbidden to hang out anymore, after being branded a bad influence.