All of our breads are made with natural leavening, which means they are all sourdoughs. We keep separate starters for our main kinds of breads and feed them different “diets.” That way, we’re able to encourage certain flavors and characteristics from each kind of loaf. We happen to <3 sourdough for a whole bunch of reasons, including that it’s way healthier for a person, it’s a natural preservative, it’s the old (challenging) way of making bread — oh yeah, and it tastes better too!

A general note about our breads: they vary in sourness, so if you’re not a fan of the pucker-face sour types of bread, you’ll still do fine here. Because we are Midwestern (read: not on the San Fran coast), our sourness is typically more mild than salty sea breezes might proffer. Stop by and we’ll offer you a taste of the day’s bake. You can judge for yourself.