Why We Should All Be Excited About a Tiger Sandwich

Have you ever heard of a tiger sandwich? Let’s clear this up right away: it’s not some terrible thing made of endangered tiger meat, but just a sandwich of a different stripe.

I hadn’t heard of it until earlier this week. Rohani over at The Farmer’s Hand threw it into a conversation all casual like. You know, a tiger sandwich, where you have two different kinds of bread for the sandwich. Okay, so this is amazing. We think about bread all day, every day here. For years, it has literally been our business to think about bread and how to use it.

It has never occurred to me that the bread didn’t have to match. I love this idea for several reasons. The first is because as you go through life, you think you know things. Like sandwiches. There isn’t a lot of sandwich ground that is left uncovered after being a sandwich eater for say, 10 years. Then, along comes the tiger sandwich, blowing away your pre-conceived notions. Maintaining a sense of childlike wonder about the world remains easier this week, thanks to the TS (tiger sandwich – let’s make it a thing).

The second is because, why not? If you love rye and multi-grain, why not use both? Mix it up! Get crazy and take a different way home from work today and lovingly slap together an awesome sandwich with different kinds of bread.

Awesome gem from HPDarkness.

The third is because Rohani, who grew up in Australia, said this was something her mom made her as a child. It sounds fun and high in ingenuity, a display of thinking differently about “the rules.” It also seems like she invented it! After a thorough searching of the Internet and sifting through many images and weird posts about tiger sandwiches, I was able to find very little info on said sandwich. The only thing I really found was a style of bread that is called Dutch Crunch bread, aka tiger bread. While it looks interesting, it’s no mind-blowing eschewing of bread convention.

Also important to note, we are now live at The Farmer’s Hand! Our drop off day for right now is Friday. You can find a selection of our breads and specialty goods on their shelves along with a huge variety of all Michigan produce, goods and products. You can also get sandwiches made with our bread – perhaps even a tiger sandwich.

We hope to see all you soon!

-Stephanie and Jeremiah

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